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Hello! I’m Victoria Rose. I restructure how you communicate with, relate to and LIVE with your dog.

Miss Manners For Dogs

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I am a gentle, “hands-off” trainer, whose modern, reward-based dog training and behavior modification methods are similar to those used by Victoria Stilwell on Animal Planet’s “It’s Me or The Dog.” (These methods are non-forceful; I do not bully, scare or manhandle dogs. In fact, in my lessons, I rarely even use a leash.) These methods build a dog’s confidence and maintain his spirit, enthusiasm and trust.

I say I am a dog trainer, but truthfully, I don’t really train dogs, I train people. (It’s almost never the dog.)

I conduct in-home private dog training lessons in which I teach my students how to train a dog. In my dog training course, they learn how to live with their dogs properly, setting boundaries, having good communication and clear, harmonious relationships. I use positive, reward-based methods to teach puppies and dogs good manners, like respecting people’s personal space and calming themselves. They look to their owners for direction, exercising self-control, even in exciting situations. This is not dog training. It is dog behavior modification.

Then I teach the owners how to be the leaders. Forget the old-fashioned concept about being the “alpha” and forcing the dog to be “submissive.” It’s all about leadership, a quiet nurturing strength.

I also teach students about management. You must manage a dog until he is trained. Proper management helps you be consistent, which is absolutely vital to effect change.

And I cover exercise, the most-neglected need dogs have. Dogs need to run! It’s hard to train a dog who is not exercised and it’s hard to (properly) exercise a dog who is not trained. I have 17 ideas on how to run a dog who cannot be trusted off leash.

Finally, I teach my students HOW DOGS LEARN.

I do not teach my students or their dogs any “mechanical” behaviors. At the end of the lesson, I ask my students: “Do you now know how to teach your dog heel, sit, down, stay, come, wait, look at me and go to bed?” They always say yes.

When you have a calm dog looking for direction, and you are the leader, and you properly exercise and manage him and you implement principles and techniques to help him learn… it all falls into place. You have a polite dog seeking your direction and you can teach him almost any “dog obedience” behaviors you want.

Some students’ dogs have issues not specifically covered in this lesson, and they MAY (or may not) need some extra help.

My lesson, which settles dogs, builds their confidence and strengthens their relationships with their owners, is a MUST before attempting behavior modification for aggression (dog-to-dog aggression or aggression toward humans or other animals), separation anxiety (or generalized anxiety), or fearfulness and is a vital tool for puppy crate training and house training puppies and older dogs.

It also cures common problems like barking, digging, chewing, jumping, terrorizing the cat, going crazy with guests, charging out doors, and just being plain ‘ol pushy and demanding. If your dog runs the show in your home, we can change that almost overnight!


It’s almost never the dog.

It’s almost always the owner.

When the owner changes,

the dog changes.


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Behave Properly With Your Dog

And Your Dog Will Behave Properly With You!

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